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A taste of Germany with French infusion at Konditorei Spielen

To find this cafe when you at level crossing in Kami-Kitazawa Station, turn left at Seven Eleven and walk straight. On the way you will see a mysterious sign that says “Witchcraft”.Konditorei SpielenCross the street, and the game begins ( Spielen means “game” and Konditorei is “patisserie” in German)!Konditorei SpielenKonditorei SpielenKonditorei Spielen is small and can accommodate no more than 7-8 visitors at the same time. As the area is not commercial, I guess it is more than enough.Konditorei SpielenThere are rarely more than two customers at the same time, and most of the time it is completely deserted. And desserted. OK, I know there is no such word, but it is just the word to describe Konditorei Spielen in Kami-Kitazawa.Konditorei SpielenThe interior of Spielen is an eclectic mix of German and French design. While there are many items from Germany, most of the sweets are French, but some are Italian (you can even spot tiramisu). But if you ask the staff (probably also the owner of Konditorei Spielen), he will point at the traditional German desserts, such as scrumptious black cherry tart. By the way, it is on a separate display with pound cakes and other sweets for take-out.Konditorei SpielenThe cupboard shelfs are filled with jams and cookies, sable, madeleines etc.

All desserts look appetising and are reasonably priced (around 200-300 yen). After careful consideration, I went with raisin cheesecake. The piece was neither big nor small, something rather appropriate for an afternoon coffee break.Konditorei SpielenAlso, you can get a 100 yen discount for a cake set! Their coffee is not bad if you just use it to wash down the sweets and don’t expect anything extraordinary.Konditorei Spielen


Konditorei Spielen (コンディトライ シュピーレン)

Address: Tokyo, Suginami, Shimo-takaido 5-2-4 Ikeda Building 1F
Opening Hours: 11 AM – 8 PM (L.O. at cafe – 7:15 PM)
Regular Holidays: Monday, every 2nd and 4th week – Tuesday
Phone: 03-5317-4775
Access 1: 5 min. walk from Kamikitazawa Station, Keio Line (only local trains)
Access 2: 11 min. walk from Sakurajosui Station
Distance to airport: 33 km from Haneda

Article by Olga Kaneda

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