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A mysterious and entertaining selection of Can Do goods

Have you ever taken a closer look at 100 yen goods? Sometimes I need to find a necessary shelf at an unknown branch of Can Do, and that’s when the real fun begins. It may probably have been easier to ask the staff, but they usually hide from the foreigners. So I wander along the shelves, looking at the goods, and regularly spot some really interesting things.Can Do goods

What would you use this mysterious Neko Block for?Can Do goods

Yes, you got it right – to keep away the stray cats from your precious garden/car/other property. I’m glad they made the illustration with a bunch of flowers, otherwise one may think that the favorite pastime of Japanese people is torturing cats.Can Do goodsLast time I also found an acupuncture ring. My brother used to have one. Don’t ask me where he found it, because has never been to China, where they are from.Can Do goodsThis one, Coro Coro Finger Ring, looks rather cheap (well, it IS cheap, after all), but I don’t think that impairs its relaxing effect. That is, if there is any effect at all. Using the ring is allegedly an easy way to relax your hands after hard work, and reduce overall stress.

We know about stress-reducing qualities of chocolate, but is it diet-friendly? This chocolate is!Can Do goods

Chocolate Mirror with a comb inside is neither edible (don’t even try to nibble it, because I almost did), nor smells like chocolate. So what’s a girl to do when she is in a desperate need of instant aromatherapy?

The sweet aroma come from unexpected items. These trendy scented glue sticks come in “fresh floral”, “grapefruit”, and “rose”. Can Do goodsEver needed paper money for playing games? Here is an interesting decision: paper napkins that look like American dollars.Can Do goodsWhere to look for: your nearest Can Do store.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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