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2016 Kumamoto Earthquake – Free offline map service

【Information relating to the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake】 【Life support】
For a limited time, the map software ‘MapFan’ is offering free use of its offline map which can be used on smart phones and tablets, for victims or disaster relief assistance.

・Maps can be used even when offline or when out of range.
・The software can be used as a navigation system when online.
・Battery consumption can be kept in check because it does not communicate at all times.
At the moment, there is only a Japanese version.
・Period of free use: Up until May 18th, 2016.
iOS versionKyushu/Okinawa regions offline map: Regular price 400 yen → Free
Android version – Nationwide offline map: Regular price 3,888 yen → Free 【Information source

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